Expressive Art Workshops

Fun and Challenging Work which
Empowers Self and Community 

A circle of rhythmic music and song with dance and creative movement. It feels like being a player in a theatrical story. 

Group art manifests community energies, so we can see them and play with them to change them. LA Workshops teach and rehearse the tools of consciousness we need to identify and direct community energy. 

Stories call attention to establishing a culture which embraces personal choice and responsibility.

It is a dynamic process and you will be called to engage in a group experience. Together we 'mine' for the value in the creative materialization of thoughts, words, and actions.

LA's pedagogy is to keep the barrier to participation low. That said, absorbing paradigm shifts into one's identity requires focus and discipline - and that takes time. Many who participate in LA are in a long term practice of growth and community building through the arts.

Often referred to as the Dancing Martial Art, Capoeira is self defense training and also practice for the 2 person game played in a ceremony with call & response music.  read more

This Afro-Brazilian stick dance uses free-form, synchronized, and choreographed movements in the playful combination of style and athleticism. We strike patterns together in high energy team games. read more

Dance for sheer joy and to reflect and empower our life stories. Our Samba uses the supportive structure of Afro-Brazilian Samba de Roda (circle). read more

Personal Growth in Community Series: Warrior Workshops

Practices of stoic alertness , win/win disposition, and strategies in the traditions of North & South American Peaceful Warrior Culture. read more

Creative Community Series: click to read more