Samba Workshop

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I Am Beautiful, Look At Me. .....

.... is such an enriching experience that everyone should have it. It is social-emotional power, to be able to "put yourself on display' and request for all the community to look. Within the supportive structure of Afro-Brazilian Samba de Roda, we each take out turn in the spotlight and perform spectacle. This offers the community not just something grant to look at, but it also builds fate in the leadership of individuals to shine for when and how it may be most needed.

Some components of the LA Samba Workshop:

The Body: Samba Dance Lesson

  • Switch body weight at the hips right left on a 1,2 count

  • Switch weight on your feet. Go (right, left, right) then go (left, right, left) on a 3/4 count

  • Move hips and feet at the same time

Honor the Feminine with songs about female characters, mother nature and divine feminine

Honor the Masculine with songs about male archetypes in travel, the sailor the marinheiro sĂ´