Warrior Workshops

Personal Growth the Peacefull Warrior Way

Being a warrior is a fierce undertaking. Liberation Arts Warrior Workshops use a theatrical structure to transform the space into an environment where the skills and culture of the peaceful warrior shine. Concepts, meditations and mantras are expressed in absolutes, and then acted out throughout the course of the workshop. It's an abstract concept; experiencing clarifies.

Safety First: We do movement conscious of the safety of others. Injury of any kind runs counter to the goal of the session. Its a safe space to share and perform energic movements only when able to do while avoiding injury, accidents, and upsets.

Here are some "I" statements to help you grasp the culture we will work to materialize.

  • I am fully responsible for assuring the safety of all who participate, myself included
  • I give myself to the ceremony and ritual
  • I offer trust and cooperation for the leader's work to keep safe sacred space and to ferry the session forward.
  • I understand what is and provide at least the bear minimum requirements of group participation
  • I expect to hear all sides of confrontations and all forms of emotions.
  • I am free to, in the sessions structure of shared time , express my support or disapproval of any point of view