Circles of Feedback

A Liberation Arts Cultures Workshop

When everyone in the circle attends as an artist and we create together.

There is nothing as exhilarating as stepping into the middle of an excited group of dancing free styling battling group of people and doing and offering of your creativity.  Many creative and celebratory arts make use of structures of ceremony that have existed as long ago as civilization first communities.

Thus the true nature of these arts bring in content from life, and as these are disenfranchised groups priority content is about what is oppressing.

You can hurt me with words

Narrows the band of verbal options

Censorship, feeling of incompleteness, couldn't express myself, my thoughts and my emotions

Dissolves community

Stick & Stones, but words will never

Honors diverse communication styles

Unprofessional Speak, exaggerations, rage, harsh words, venting, filled with assumptions

Ask yourself 'What's the Message?'