Circles of Freedom

Part of the Creative Community Series

Community Workshop 2

There is nothing as exhilarating as stepping into the middle of an excited group of dancing free styling battling people and doing the offering your creativity. Hip hop, house, cruping all make use of structures of ceremony that have existed as long ago as civilization first societies

Lesson Plans:

  • Wordsmith - themes statements- prose-poems-songs- improv

  • Oppression and Rage

  • Call and Response Themes slogans - hooks - bridges

Thus the true nature of these arts bring in content from life, and as these are disenfranchised groups priority content is about what is oppressing.

  • Anger is a valid emotion as it is a response to seeing and experience of injustices .

  • Liberation arts are a very rooted in tradition and formulated process for creatively processing emotions,

  • As it is about the real world politics which offer oppress will naturally be brought

  • Rage Therapy and community healing

  • Students will understand

  • This is a vital part of any education in the liberation arts .