Intro to Community Workshops

Part of the Creative Community Series

Intro to Creative Leadership and Follow-ship

Participating in arts together, manifest community energies. With simple tactics and strategies we can pay attention to the feedback loops to increases the presence of community. When the ceremony really gets going it becomes a practice of the consciously direct community energy in directions based on community consensus and of our choosing.

In the workshops, the commitment to warrior-hood prepares us individually. These workshop arranges us in hierarchies and formations of power. We then each take our turn, in the point position. Giving others power over ourselves gives the group dynamic capabilities; learning to command that authority the group power.

Creative Community Workshops Series

These are the workshops that follow the introduction

Exercises for Introduction to Creative Community

  • The one clap is game to practice leading and getting the community together

  • Find the Leader Game. Critical Question: Could you have learned the game without the verbal explanations?

  • Speaking to the community: Get it Got it Good

  • Feeling the together: Community in our bodies start 0 breath / Discerning with yes yes yes and no no no, 1 ground, distract with la la e (go left on la and right on e) / 2 waves mare

  • The Steps and Swing Exercise: All together lift our feet (right, left repeat) to the tempo, “and la land” and then incorporate the swing with our hands clap.

  • “One of u’s is gonna tell me which way did he go!” game for the mental discipline that requires a whole community.

More About Expressive Arts Workshops

Entering the circle

LA is based on the model of the circle. In the circle everyone's participation is unique and adds to the group’s experience. Every expression influences the art being created and the lessons being learned. Leadership coordinates the process and works to have everyone share opportunities to achieve.

Themes and content

Themes are part of LA workshops and they provide the focal point between improvisation and choreography. In a safe space we "pendulum" through creative manifestations , to find common ground about personal, socia,l and political issues .

We play ...

... percussion, sing calls and chorus, and do spoken word. We recite poetry, play the guitar, play the flute, or just come dance.

Our emotions

This type of learning can be emotional. LA exercises our instincts and reflexes. Emotions trigger as part of primordial response systems. To manage in this environment we don’t take ourselves seriously. We exercise in a happy heartfelt way. Anyone at anytime can break the tension with a joke or a laugh. Group multidisciplinary improv is challenging, so we always fall back on laughter.