Wisdom Song

Wisdom Song

Storytelling to Samba Music

Wisdom Song workshops use call and response singing to encourage self-expression and to highlight the role of elders in intergenerational community.

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The call happens when one person sings a phrases to which everyone sings a chorus response.

Joy and celebration is the energetic base in the Afro-Brazilian ceremony of the Samba Roda (music and singing circle).  In the circle, elders tell stories, singing of life experiences and perspectives that come only with age. It is of the greatest value to the community when the knowledge and wisdom of elders is honored and experienced. Song is a potent and pleasurable medium through which life lessons are passed on to future generations

Let's Get Singing 

This workshop has an easy format.  A small group of elders gather. A simple percussion beat is played then we take turns singing leads parts and choruses. Lyrics can be learned from a set of traditional calls, or written beforehand, or even improvised at the moment. 

The energy of the throw and catch (the back and forth) of call and response, is designed to help everyone create masterful music. Workshop facilitators use various traditional and contemporary teaching modalities that grantee successful participation.  Everyone will find a path and pace of creation that unleashes the potential in us all to sing joyous offerings to and for our community.