Rage against Technology



Let's expose and appreciate the human relationship with technology. We rage against its use for false health, false happiness and false hope; as well for short cuts and short terms that contribute to the unsustainability of human and planetary systems. The Internet and other technologies are very important parts of the future of our race, but we must balance our reliance to avoid addiction and to avoid atrophy of our true nature.


Hip hop beats works well with the rhythm of the song. Once the mood has been set with the lines below the mic will be open for rhymes, bars, hooks, choruses, etc....

Spoken work artist can read quotes and tell stories about technology in our lives.

I don't want to pay no technology tax

like the fauces always on and paying your water

di utility just just get axed

asking anything anywhere

not sure to who that's fair


Example: It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity, Albert Einstein

Rage against Technology Movement


Sung to Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall"

Part I

Data's flown across the ocean, no more need for memory

My whole life in the Facebook album, data what else didya leave for me

Data whadya leave behind for me

When all is said it was just a bug on the web

When all is said, it was all just bugs on the web.

Part II

You yes you, stand still laddy

When we grew up and went to school. (Theater help write these lyrics)

We don't need no instant message,

We don't need no search results

No redirection from advertisements

Pervert leave them kids alone,

He,y pervert leave them kids alone

Chorus: All in all your just another bug on the web

I don't need no bars around me

No GPS to find and guide me

I have seen the writing on the web.

Don't think I need all this in my head oh no

Dont think i need all this in my head

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updated September 2017