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Bug on the Web - A cover of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall

They don’t care about us -A cover of Michael Jackson's song of the same name

Group Artistic expressions of Rage: Toyi Toyi, The Lions Roar

Rolling Collection of Theme Ideas

Democracy is not guns, fire, power in the hands of one

Dictator the power of one, Majority loses to one

Democracy is not guns


Black Firday? more like white friday

Consumer plays trumps cultural days

No color deserves to represent the absurd

but I'm calling friday white

For the sake of "JOBS"

sold sheep souls earth robs

Personal participation so abstract, no clear fact

your little duckets just a drop in the bucket, so fuck it

shop anyway


That Thursday has a chance to advance it's legacy and be a day of food at a table and family.

ONE We will bring everyone's attention to the concept of oneness. You can feel this as an expression of universality and god or just as a simultaneous role call of the participants answering the question "who's in?"


THE UGLY We will rage one two infinity

Words “Your are an oppressor, oppressor oppressor” Don’t oppress me.

Movement: In the spirit of warrior dances such as the Haka I cried too..

Part two turn it into a Toyi Toyi

Your Guns roar “Wossssh”


You know the track Mestre Suassuna - O Congo Chegou

Musician artist Bill Good will play the flute part, with a wind controller i.e. wind synthesizer. We will duplicate the back and forth switching from call/response singing to instrument solos, including drums and Caxixi solos.

WHAT TO DO: Listen to Mestre Suassuna - O Congo Chegou catch the feel and energy so that on saturday you can anticipate the switches. During the presentation, team up with someone you vibe with and/or have done steps with before and stick dance your pants off. (not to be taken literially)


3 times during the dance, standard Maculele breaks will be followed by a reading. The reading will focus on the following theme:

Trees and humans intertwine in complex relationships. Trees provide for many aspect of our lives, food, shelter, warmth, tools, weapons and musical instruments and more. This dance celebrates that relationship. But we also acknowledge that humans have taken a selfish stance and deforestation and other abuses of nature are more the norm then the exception.

WHAT TO DO: During the dance listen to the reading. Let it then inform and inspire your dancing



If your not into getting into the spotlight then you can help with the setting. join a row of caxixi shakers or volunteer to hold a "cardboard pole with cardbord leaves and be a background "dancing tree"

WHAT TO DÖ: When you arrive talk to me and I will direct you to the person in charge of props. Have fun.


AT&T says more is better

they think they qute

rallied some kids to pull the lever


Jersey don't want no more water up on its shore

and more pollution ant really a good score.

more water when you drowning

ok I get it, you in atversisig and thats what sells it

so you able put food on the table

lifestyle and the label

But remember you bed it. shotgun have to wed it

onspring on that way

born what you represented

more of this and more of that

and more of the oil and more of the fat

How criminal your advertising white lieing

feel it when the kids of your kids kids

sit on this planet crying



Sail Awolnation


About the police

Fake carb of justice

Critize the police like their the beast

Are they not just the finger tips

Front line of a sick ness

That veins through plams and arms end down legs to the toes

That if one wants to know stands your part

Of a people torn apart

Who cannot see how we're a part

Would you crusify teachers cause kids arnt smart?

Or see that poverty plays a part.

Do we we ban lighters and matches cause the fire starts

When garbage piles on sidewalks would we chant fuck the garbage man. And demand their arrest.

Cause the activist live on the front line

Did we let them win the war of our mind.

That you're a victim of life

Critize the police like their the beast

Are they not just your fingertips

Critize the police like their the beast

Are they not just our fingertips

death that reminder

just in case u coulnt find a

motivation to make sensations

outta each and every second

every minute

be in it to win it

think u got nothin left

nothing to be thankful for

take a breath

no rewinder so play your moves right

no take backs

not even 20 second time outs

lights out one time, save my soul o load.

and your name be on the other side of the weegiee board


Just passing threw

In my house theirs a young lady

who comes by one in a while i took her in as a trial.

gets her self a boyfriend, a punky little creep, who doesn't earn his creep, comes to my house to sleep

Decided to confront him, this is what he told me.

I'm just in town passing threw, all that other stuff i leaver to you

The Animal Within

Don't you think we should trust the next generation because they have a new relation with technology that we do not and the they will start to hear the collective voice in these social media rooms that were just weird freek show people and of course the back bone of facebook twitter. etc.. This generation is forming collective sentiments about the news they hear. When stuff happens they get the Internets reporting and reaction at a flow of information that is author correcting itself to the billionth of a degree. (number of people on the internet)


The billion

It was not the one of the past. It had reached critical mass. We learn how to read and register the whole map of all

And that same bit of knowledge in everyone hands with their device that had just left but was on my side if not by my side They connected with the whole and everyone made a decision, silence as well a vote. . the made decisions

and it will be the first time we heard our voice

The beast makes a mockery

running wild in a peaceful society

Well evolved selves man of peace

with knowledge of self

knowing good health

best to care for and honor

all part of our selves the animal just wants to be feed.

Why does artificial intelligence work better when encased with a materiel corporal body, when we say atlas turn off the lights. Atlas must attend to a large volunr of options, the best is

  1. Consumer skit new skit: 3 parts of the world diggers in africa, builders in asia, consermers in america. The most powerful path to change