Quink 2021

Liberation Arts Circles

October 1st 2nd and 3rd - Louisa VA

Add yourself to the script here

The script is a spreadsheet of the offerings and the different ways to participate. You can add spoken word and solo lyrics, play musical instruments, dance performances and visual art pieces.

You may need an app to properly view the Planing Sheet as googles sheets format. Another viewing option is below where the spreadsheet is embedded in this webpage.

Sign up for notifications and to get zoom rehearsal invites by emailing : contact@liberationarts.com

  • In expressive arts circles we create stories through multiple modalities and explore abstract dimensions.

  • LA circle format and orchestration is based on the culture & celebrations of peoples of the African Diaspora of South and North America.

LA Skits & Scripts

  • Folkloric Dances (Capoeira, Stick and Shield Dance)

  • Community Identity

  • West Coast Pagan - songs & more songs

  • Samba Circle - songs

  • Samba Reggae - songs

  • Funk and Hip-hop

  • Open Offerings - Anyone can lead the activity

Basic structures that most skits/ceremonies will cycle through

  • Verbal introduction

  • Percussion grove

  • Melody makers

  • Call and response

  • Creative movers

  • Improv

  • One voice

  • Hold the silence

What's the experience like? It's like Improv Class

Encircled by an atmosphere of improv theater sessions, Liberation Arts adds musical structure and body movement to make the moments of spirit even more magical. Through folkloric arts we make spiritual connection to our ancestors. Adding roots culture give us a powerful tool for change. Be willing to give yourself, voice and body, to the ceremony as is necessary.

LA @ Quink 2021