Letter to Parents

Hello Parents

I am Macaco and I offer children education in:

  • Afro-Brazilian Drumming

  • Capoeira Dance/Martial Art and expressive movement

  • Call and response and improvisational singing

I believe in safe space for authentic education where teachable moments chaperone enrichment play. A Liberation Arts activity that exemplifies this is: Be an Artistic Director of Short Plays. Many of my programs activities reinforce academic skills through the arts; this Percussion Lesson is an example.

Participating in expressive arts teaches children how to shine in the spotlight, how to be a team player and how to play we-win-they-win. They grow focus, discipline, respect and community. This education is powerful preperation for the changing world of the very near future.

Reach out to me, I would love to talk to you about anything. Please also review our COVID statement.


Macaco Nova Yolk my bio

To connect about classes submit the form below the video below

Macaco in 2017 talking to parents

My Children's program in Newark NJ in 2010