Community Residency - Quilombos Culture for EcoVillages and Intentional Communities

Learning that happens deep inside each of us during group activities.

Liberation Arts (LA) residencies offer

  • Joy and celebration that energizes everyone

  • Arts and fitness education for children

  • Tools for synergy between children, adults and elders

  • Dynamic schedule options for meetings, classes and events.

1. Joy from celebration is connected to what and how groups do things together. LA celebrations are designed to include the most opportunity for everyone to participate. It is about turning the practice of celebration into a culture of joy.

2. Children have a natural draw to play. LA educates with an expressive-arts-game-theory-culture approach to life challenges. LA games practice life lessons using our mental, physical, and social-emotional abilities.

3. Generational synergy is achieved by

  • Offering elders substantial opportunities to impart wisdom

  • Folkloric practices that nourish youth with ancestral traditions.

  • Workshop : Wisdom Song

4. Residencies are structured and integrated with the schedule and agreements of the members of the community.

  • A class 1 to 2 days a week for children (60 minutes) and for adults (90 minutes)

  • A community expressive art event once a month

  • Community Circle's 2 to 3 times a year

  • Includes Study Group on the intentional community of reference Quilombos Culture