Theatre of the Oppressed

The Joker Systems

There are hundreds of excerses and games for the artist who want to say something through theater. While settling into the structure of any game or excersise it's important that we maintaine a creative atmosphere.


Breaking up the Ritual

Breaking up Time

Multiplication of optical perspectives

Application to one scene of the ritual of another

Repetition of the ritual



The Unmasking

Show changes to the infrastructure, as well as the need for changes in the superstructure which will make the process advance

To Disjoint

Games Slow motion race, Cross-legged race, monster race, Monster race, Wheel race, Hypnosis, Boxing magch, Out West

To Develop expressive ability of the body

Act like characters and find your mate or do your thing.

Muscular Exercises, Sensory Exercises, Emotions, Memory, Imagination

Stanislavski : Who am I? Where, what time, what want why, How to overcome