Capoeira Plan

Vision: A C’Ville capoeira community large enough to hold regular training classes several times a week with weekly capoeira rodas and activities

Mission: To seed a capoeira group in C’Ville by reaching a wide group of adolescents and while building from an intimate group of adult capoeira practitioners

Ideal schedule

  1. Full schedule of teaching artist work in school day / afterschool / and on weekends with established education, art, sport and cultural organizations teaching children ages 5 to 11 and 12 to 17
  2. A capoeira Group class for children once a week
  3. A capoeira Group class for adults once or twice a week
  4. A Community Roda 1,2 or 4 times a month

Guest artist in cross discipline activities.

Children participate in many activities. As a “new” offering in C’Ville our goal is to have a group of children whose primary extracurricular activity is capoeira. However Capoeira C’Ville also has a the opportunity to engage all of C’Ville’s families.

Let’s let everyone know that Capoeira it is a practice that compliments children's primary activity

B Soccer kids - We offer lessons and workshops that focus on kicking dexterity and field maneuvering.

C Musician kids - Will learn percussion instrument of Afro-brazilian tradition improving their ear for rhythm calls for start and breaks.

D Chior / singing Kids - Will take workshops in call and response forms of music

E Gymnastic and acrobatics - Will have classes in capoeira style acrobatics body strength and space awareness

Thus capoeira is not just presented as an option to replace a child's primary activity but rather childrens primary activity will benefit from supplemental practice of Capoeira lessons created specifically to improve the child's performance in their primary activity. Soccer players will dribble pass and better, music makers will have better rhythm, singers will learn to capture audience

AND Capoeira is a community activity. It is of value to the town that our children participate in an activity that is open to all, ( even at the least as part of forming the circle) We will select a time slot, once a week (month bi weekly ) devoted to a community capoeira roda where all the children of C’Ville participate and have opportunity to shine. . the soccer players may come just to kick, the singers just to sing, the musicians just to play instruments.

The structure, value and challenges of a capoeira Group

What does it mean to be in a capoeira group? What are the responsibilities/ expectation of membership in Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira, including financial, time and travel and training and other capoeira responsibilities? What are the returns to individuals and to the C’Ville capoeira family that come from belonging to a group? What are the possible scenarios for the near future and long term when it comes to Capoeira groups?