Two Worlds

A Liberation Arts Cultures Workshop

Preparing to Talk

The Four Agreements of Courageous Conversations - Video 

The Two Worlds

How conscious are we of the two worlds in North America?

Examining the different beliefs and assumptions present in the interactions of different cultures. 

Stories and Exercises

Living in Intentional Community

Things to discuss after considering beliefs and assumptions:

Stories and Exercises


Beginning with Self

The power in the Warrior disposition of Radical Responsibility

The home of our heroes is the Warrior Ecovillage


Circle Outside ⭕️ 

Bring outside in
and inside out.

Circle ⭕️ Inside

Focus on the zero

into the dot at the center of us all

Leave the walls behind

Greatest Overall Decision

What are our shared values and prior agreements?

Norms that matter for a multi-cultural community



Bonus Exercises  - Creative Arts Workshop Integrations

2 steps dance - right right left left




Assumptions - can come from unvoiced values about a variety  of things such as how we work, about social mobility and legal accountability,  What and how we eat, what is clean and that clean equals good, appropriate clothing, what is an appropriate expression and volume of expression? What is a family and how do they relate?

Imperial - Imperial carries the implication of royalty, usually pertaining to an empire; the emperor or empress is referred to as "your imperial highness." The word imperial has a lofty feel, and though it's often used of royalty, it is sometimes used to refer to anything extremely large or impressive.