For Safe Spaces in Community Collectives

Part of the Creative Community Series

Brave Work Assures that Everyone Feels Safe in Collective Creativity

What is behind amazing improvisation by a dancer singer or musician? What is at work when 2 or more of these improvize at the same time. The traditions of the "The Circle" balance fundamental relationships between music, song and dance so that a multitude of improvisation can occur at the same time.

This workshop isolates then builds in layers the playing of percussion instruments, singing in call and response and dancing battle style. Created for artist while allowing all people to experience their creative powers.

Capoeira Diasporia Excersises

Start in a circle (move in and out to make the circle larger and smaller. Agree together: Everything we do will be appropriate and safe. The facilitator takes care of appropriate and each takes care of safe.

Call and Response Sing La La E caller game. The lead steps into the circle to creatively express themselves. The response is the chorus that answers. "One band One Sound". Discuss the circle and the family structure, equality, leadership, a chance to lead as na individual and the chance to hear your voice in a 100% participation chorus.

Things in Africa game: wood, wire representing a vine, stones, sticks, drum, shaker. What are the tools of our Basic needs. Need something to fish, something to drink with, walking stick, something to make fire with. Stretch and mime - Trees, wind blowing trees, Animals Elephant, Giraffe, snake

The Passage:

  • Form a line holding the shoulder of the person in front of you and walk a modified Ginga to the other side of the room. If possible do this in silence.

  • When we arrive on the other side allow people to just sit around. Ginga around each other

  • Partner games in the ginga negaca when you get a new partner.

How to build safe space using progressively modeled integration's of roots culture.

  • Use a reconciliation-model issue framing approach and system

  • Address leadership, consensus, and the property of the collective

  • Layer Roots Positions

    1. Delineate the ones with the Lion's Roar (executive facilitation)

    2. The Scribe as the collective conscious

    3. The one with the Wolf's Howls. (confidant, therapist, and mediator)

    4. The call: To open the call and to close the call

    5. The Safe Space created under the wings of the Lion's Roar

How does the balance of power work in your organization?

  • The executor

  • The judge

  • The congress

Folkloric story of Community Puxada de Rede

Puxada de Rede narrates the chore of a tribe focused on applying strength for a community cause