The Value of Liberation Arts?

Liberation Arts are antidotes to oppression

Many contemporary art forms share a connection through the process of achieving freedom. These arts are created by people under stress of domination. This creates micro-spaces of freedom, that offset the greater reality of enslavement.

Improvisation sharpens awareness of the present moment. Present day struggle trigger memories and emotions of fear and rage, which in turn influence the art as it is being created. What is expressed often contains high energy and aggressive sounds and movements. Benefits come from artistic expression (“release”) of these energies as past suppression of these energies resulted in imbalance and poor health.

Why Artist will bring the answer in the 2020's

With the momentum and entropy of the current human systems have (such as the stronghold capital growth has on politics) and the difficulty legacy protest systems are have in even slowing down status quo, a new artist revolution has the best chance to really change people and the world. Artist can map out the process to move from conflict oriented resolutions systems derived from its roots in oppressors culture, to a reconciliation oriented model based on roots culture. LA is about how to rage in the name of love and without the tools of oppression. Here are my thoughts on Warrior EcoVillages

Experience Liberation Arts