What are the prerequisites of participating in LA?

Maintain the tenets below (as a thought exercise)

  • We live in an oppressors society, oppression culture is our reality, oppressive behavior is our default.

  • The culture that is strongest against the controlling processes of the larger culture is warrior. A safe space that runs counter to mainstream culture, is inherently reactionary. Thus the struggle (war) is what we choose to oppose. It is a strategy that one that will produce results. (New-Age "Think Win-Win")

  • "Better to be a warrior in a garden then a gardener in a war"

So its all about Rage? We gotta be angry all the time?

  • Our Joy when we do LA prevents us from becoming bitter. Its all make believe, all folly, all drama, all theater. Yet we bear to the shenanigans, because with know its value because we know about the powers of the mind.

What's the deal with Identity?

We always begin with identity, because identity is at the core, the center of the safe space. The most effective place to start this work is with oneself, within oneself. Strength of identity is the best defense against oppression.

  • 0% Victim Theory - Seeking responsibility of self and of closest relationships and community groups, to access the spiritual, so that karma will play on your side, You cannot hurt me ever. To seek balance of therapy and culture. Working on fixing the house every hour of every day defeats the purpose of having the house in the first place. When ever someone abused me or physically hurt me in capoeria whether it be because they had more experience, or used their greater size, strength, speed when were bigger, stronger faster and I would talk to my master telling him how bad that person was would eventually stop me and say. To Recap: Start with your self to eliminate fear because fear will cause you to miscalculate the threat. then do a warrior practice

  • EcoWarrior Martial Arts for self preservation, eliminate reactionary influence of fear,

  • Culture of Love replaces the tools of oppression All objects can be used for good or for bad.

  • Love of Nature to Identify community 0 waste.

  • Empathy for personal benefit - Win-Win Given one has a clear sense of Identity, empathy increases the amount of useful information